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01 Dec

The Sunshine (Thrift Store) Of My Life


Friends often compare me to Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. I have a shoe obsession, I love to write, Cosmos are my drink of choice and I can spend hours in thrift shops browsing through racks of clothing.  Back home in California, one of my favorite pastimes was to spend an entire Saturday […]

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27 Apr

I go to REHAB for my Shoe Addiction


If loving shoes is wrong, I don’t want to be right.  I’ve been having a love affair with shoes since the third grade when “Jellies” were popular.  I had them in every color and style available.  My relationship with shoes has been my longest and my love for them grows more and more each day. […]

27 Feb

Bay to Bay Marketplace

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There is a hot store that just opened this week in South Tampa.   It is called Bay to Bay Marketplace and it is located at 4231 Bay to Bay Blvd.  “Furnishings & Finishings for your Home and Wardrobe,” Bay to Bay Marketplace has it all.  I have been twice this week and have already […]