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27 Oct

Spiced Pumpkin Bomb Cupcakes #SundaySupper


Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Football is in full swing, the weather starts to cool off and you can find just about anything pumpkin inspired on local menus. I must confess, I am a pumpkinaholic and find myself sipping on pumpkin lattes and enjoying everything from pumpkin ravioli to pumpkin beers. […]

24 Apr

Dough’s Pastry Chef Alex Is Ooozing With Talent

chef alex

Foie gras éclairs, curry caramel doughnuts and pickled strawberry shortcake with a savory biscuit, oh my! Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Combining sweet and savory flavors is just a typical day in the life of Datz Dough’s shining star, Pastry Chef Alex Flannery.  With years of experience in some of the country’s most creative kitchens, […]

31 Dec

William Dean Chocolates #31DaysOfLove

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I will never forget my first visit to Datz a few years ago.  While browsing their marketplace and dessert counter, one of the many things that caught my eye was the gorgeous array of artisan chocolates made by local chocolatier William Dean.  After eyeing them for almost 3 years, I finally splurged and purchased a […]

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17 Dec

Haute Decadence from Viktoria Richards Chocolates #31DaysOfLove


I have been reflecting a lot this month about the people I have met throughout my blogging adventures.  Since I began my blog in April of 2010, I had no idea that it would unite me with such amazing and talented individuals who are truly passionate about their work. One person who always comes to […]

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16 Dec

I’m In Love with Toffee to Go #31DaysOfLove

IMG_6978 (1)

I love nothing more than to give edible gifts for the holidays and other occasions and one of my favorite places to get goodies from is Toffee to Go in South Tampa. I recently featured them in last month’s post, Toffee to Go, a Decadent and Delicious Local Treat, and I have been singing their praises […]

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21 Nov

Toffee to Go, a Decadent and Delicious Local Treat


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Over the last three weeks, I have been reflecting on the things I am thankful for and one thing at the top of my list is this blog. Since I began writing about local restaurants and shops a little over two years ago, I have been extremely blessed to have […]

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01 Feb

Make Valentine’s Day Sweeter with Viktoria Richards Chocolates


Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday and has been since I was a little girl. I loved getting Valentine’s from my classmates and to this day I have an obsession with candy conversation hearts. My mom always made gift baskets for my brother and I filled with chocolates, red candy and some sort of heart-shaped gift. […]

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03 Jul

Schakolad is SOHO Sweet

photo (31)

Chocolate is one of my staples and pairs so well with two of my favorite beverages, coffee and wine.  I have been on a chocolate kick lately and have tried everything from chocolate covered bacon to spicy chocolate rubs for grilling. My current obsession is chipotle chocolate.  The contrast of spicy and sweet is inchocolacating. […]

30 May

Deep Fried Oreo Martini


Nothing is more nostalgic to me than an Oreo.  As a child, I loved nothing more than to take an Oreo apart and eat the creamy filling and then dip the chocolate pieces into a glass of milk. Thirty years later, nothing has changed!  You will always find a pack of Oreos at my house. My children love them […]

28 Jan

Viktoria Richards Chocolate = Delicious Art

Chocolate 2 Comments by Champagne Girl

Chocolate is my one true love.  I can’t live without it.  Milk, dark, white, organic…I adore it all!  Chocolate is the perfect ending to a meal and the first thing I want when I am having a bad day.  I love it with wine and I love it with coffee.  As a little girl growing up […]