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May 11, 2014 No Comments by Champagne Girl

My son Rocco is a huge fan of both Datz and Dough and wanted to write a guest post on Dough. He is 8 years old and loves to write.

I went to dough on Friday May 9th with my mother and sister. My mother loves the coffee menu.  Her favorite is the Nutella Latte because its yummy.


The cupcakes looked delicious! I tried the Oreo cupcake with green frosting. I wish you guys had watermelon Oreo cupcakes with pink frosting.


I chose the pretty looking strawberry champagne cake. It was good. I liked the chocolate part on the top and the strawberry frosting.


The baker did an outstanding job baking the cake! He or she made it so beautiful!


I put the frosting from the Oreo cupcake on my face because it was so good!


Everybody should go to Dough because the food is so delicious!  It is next door to Datz.


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